Job searchThe NCNA project focuses its efforts on supporting the direct target group of refugees and asylum seekers with positive perspective to stay in one of the member countries of the European Union.

In each partner country, ten participants of the direct target group (70 persons altogether) participated in the research study. They agreed to take part in personal interviews, thus providing the partnership with valuable relevant information for its further project work.

Furthermore, another 30 members of the direct target group per country (210 persons altogether) will participate in the testing phase of the project. They will volunteer to participate in the assessment and recognition procedure as well as in the personalised labour market integration planning.

In addition to the direct target group, the NCNA project involved a total of 213 experts from the four focus sectors (metal, wood, tourism, construction), labour market experts, representatives from target group associations, and representatives of VET centres. Furthermore, a total of 70 trainers and guidance/counselling professionals will participate in the learning and teaching activities organised as part of the development of the NCNA model handbook; this group can also be seen as direct beneficiaries of the project activities.